By The Gram

Private. Simple. Fast. Calorie counting and macro tracking app made private.

Quickly count calories by the gram

You can quickly add calories consumed or burned. Or you can simply add food consumed by the number of grams!

Track your macros

Track your macros as a percentage of your daily calorie goal. Achieve your daily macros easy!

Private food list

All foods are saved locally. No sharing of your data with anyone. Quickly search and add your favorite foods to your personal food database. BTG comes pre-loaded with 50 common foods.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important. By The Gram does not collect any of your data nor does it track usage data. The developer only receives anonymous Opt-in analytical data provided by Apple.

• By The Gram does not want your personal data
• By The Gram does not collect personal data

By The Gram does not use a food database API and does not share your personal calorie tracking data with anyone.


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