Code 2 Wallet

A simple and elegant iOS app
to create passes for Apple Wallet.

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Modern Features

Code2Wallet provides a sleek and intuitive UI
to create custom passes for your Apple Wallet.

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Code 2 Wallet is an elegant
user-focused app to create custom passes for Apple Wallet

Simplicity First

Code 2 Wallet was built with the user in mind to easily create Apple Wallet passes with a variety of icons and colors

Intuitive Design

Following Apple's design philosophy of a great user experience, Code2Wallet has an intuitive design to enable users to quickly create a pass for Apple Wallet.

Exclusively for iPhone.

Privacy Policy

Your Data Is Important

Your privacy is very important, especially when it comes to your personal data. For that reason alone, Code2Wallet does not collect any of your personal data or information.

The developer only receives anonymous opt-in analytical data provided by Apple to track crashes and usage.

Incendiary Studios does not save nor want your personal data.

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